Leaders in industrial chemicals and raw materials

Our Vision

To be the preferred international logistics provider and the dominant supplier and manufacturer of chemicals and industrial raw materials to companies in Nigeria and Africa.

Our Mission

To provide Qualitative, Cost Effective services and Product Supplies to the market at all times. We strive to ensure our customers derive maximum satisfaction from all services rendered and products supplied to them.

We hope to be a globally known brand with our niche centered on innovation, quality of service and constant support to all our clientele.

To contribute significantly towards Nigeria’s aim of self-reliance and self-sufficiency by establishing manufacturing sites in strategic locations across the country in order to enhance the country’s production capacity.

To provide economic benefits to the local communities in which we operate by means of direct and indirect employment.

To concentrate on increasing our global competitiveness by strongly pushing ahead with new growth business whilst intensively fostering high value-added businesses and strengthening existing ones.